..rain on my parade
Friday, Jan. 16, 2004 @ 7:13 pm

I'm currently wearing sweatpants, preparing macaroni, watching Newlyweds marathon and updating my diary that I haven't written in FOREVER! If any one is reading this I want to let you all know that I am wonderful. I'm just about on my third month of a relationship with Rodney. He is uhhh more than I could have ever dreamed about finding in a boyfriend. And believe me I'm very picky. To give you an idea of just how great he is, tonight on a Friday night, he is fixing the transmission in my car. He loves me! He brings me flowers. He spends the night when I'm upset with no strings attatched. He left a note on my car telling how much he cared. He's just *sigh* wonderful.

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i don't need your rainy day on my parade
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Katie(me)...curvy single 21 year old Wisconsin waitress who has the worst luck in men, believes in the positive effects of sexy underwear especially black,can't live without music, painted toenails, Curves(gym for women)and a good book(The Scandolous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc by Lorraine Despres)

The non-fuckwit~Jeremy the wonderful guy I'm seeing, met him at the restaurant where I work

THE FUCKWITS...George...very attractive very MARRIED flirtatious cook at work and oh yeah whose brother is Fernando,who I fooled around with before George started at the restaurantand before I found out he too was married Arturo...busboy I was interested in and kissed but nothing ever came ofJeremy...ex I broke up with in march because he wasn't ready for a relationship and then he got engaged a month later


Jessica...best friend, beautiful built like a playboy bunny who I love yet drives me crazy

Erin...my best friend down to earth with a three year old son Logan

Cali...my long lost twin or so it seems at the restaurant

Miriah...friend from work who is absolutly beautiful on the inside and out

Judi's Place...family restaurant I work at they are like a second family