..rain on my parade
Friday, Oct. 10, 2003 @ 11:09 pm

I'm NEVERhaving sex again. Never. I got the biggest scare of my life on Wenesday night. After being gone all day I go home to check my messages. One of which is from Bio-Health (a place where they pay for plasma donations, I tries it two weeks ago, almost passed out so didn't return) saying that it was urgent that I call back immediatly. So I get a little sick knowing that they test for STD's. But my stomach didn't drop to my ankles until later that night I remember to look in my mailbox to find an official looking envelope that boldly has CONFIDENTIAL stamped on it, and it's from the Department of Health. I tear it open to find a letter stating that I must call them immediatly regarding an urgent health matter. This is followed by three numbers. So I called the cell phone number listed knowing that no one will answer but I was going out of my mind with worry. I hung up and tried to get to sleep. But of course I couldn't. My mind was racing about my past partners (less than a handful) and was it really worth it? Nope. I thought to myself I could die or never be able to have children because of fifteen minutes of mediocre pleasure. Then I started to think what I would do if I found out I was dying what I would do. How would I contact the guys since I never end on good terms? Had Nick given it to me? Would I become more daring or more the old lady I am? Would I tell anyone? I didn't sleep at all. In the morning I woke up at 6 and called Bio-Health. They told me they couldn't tell me anything over the phone. I had to come in. But I had Logan. I was very tempted to take him fast asleep to the clinic that moment but I decided instead to attempt to go back to sleep. At eight the department of health called me. She told me that I might have syphillis. BUT she told me that because the tests at BIO-Health are super sensitive, 99 times out of 100, it's a false positive. Whew! But I get to go to planned parenthood on Monday to be 100% sure but it's something that is easily treated with antibiotics. But this sure has remade me think about sex, it's completly not worth it.

before*little girl your in the middle* after

Katie(me)...curvy single 21 year old Wisconsin waitress who has the worst luck in men, believes in the positive effects of sexy underwear especially black,can't live without music, painted toenails, Curves(gym for women)and a good book(The Scandolous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc by Lorraine Despres)

The non-fuckwit~Jeremy the wonderful guy I'm seeing, met him at the restaurant where I work

THE FUCKWITS...George...very attractive very MARRIED flirtatious cook at work and oh yeah whose brother is Fernando,who I fooled around with before George started at the restaurantand before I found out he too was married Arturo...busboy I was interested in and kissed but nothing ever came ofJeremy...ex I broke up with in march because he wasn't ready for a relationship and then he got engaged a month later


Jessica...best friend, beautiful built like a playboy bunny who I love yet drives me crazy

Erin...my best friend down to earth with a three year old son Logan

Cali...my long lost twin or so it seems at the restaurant

Miriah...friend from work who is absolutly beautiful on the inside and out

Judi's Place...family restaurant I work at they are like a second family